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General rules of strapping

  • hold roll of tape so roll is uppermost as you unwind it
  • don't use players limbs as an anchor to pull tape off the roll. Pull it out yourself and then lay it around on the limb to ensure correct tension
  • narrow strips of tape tend to be easiest to work with
  • overlap each strip of tape by half the width of the previous turn to ensure strength
  • always talk to the player, ask how it feels
  • check the player when finished to see if circulation is maintained. Press on toe and see if when you release your pressure the part soon returns to pink colour again.
  • avoid wrinkles as they cause blisters.


  • scissors
  • table
  • various tape.

Selection of tape

  • use beiersdorf® strapping tape
  • rigid leukoplast® tape
  • elastic adhesive leukolastic
  • widths 38mm. and 75mm



  • shave or wax skin 2 days prior to strapping
  • wash skin with warm water soapy water
  • avoid moisturisers and oils on skin
  • test skin for allergic reaction.

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