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Types of Exercises

Types of Activities

Here are some good sports and activates that can help you keep fit or got you fitter. You can do any activity that gets you puffing and here are some that you could try. Only chose the sport if you enjoy it and choose more than one to get the best benefits from exercising.


Circuit training is a good way to tone your muscles and get them prepared for more vigourus exercise. It is also good for reducing injury by building up strength in muscles you often use. The circuit can use any types of exercises and any number of repititions. Click here for some more information .....


Riding your bike is an excellent way to increase your aerobic fitness. If you do long enough and with enough intensity you can become fit while having fun. It builds up strength in your legs especially when going up hills. It is a good way to get good exercise without putting stress on your body like when you run or play footy. It is a good activity to put in your exercise program as a recovery day because of the low impact. Click here for more....


Running is one of the best aerobic workouts you can do. It strengthens your legs and increases your endurance. When your running if you find your joints aching and hurting afterwards try running on grass if you are not already.  It places high stress on your joints so it is not for everyone, but if you can do it it is a cheap way to get fit. The only thing you need for it is a good pair of running shoes that give good ankle support and cushioning. Click here for more....


Swimming is an excellent sport for everyone. It increases endurance, puts no strain on joints and will increase your body strength. It is good way to train after getting an injury. It is low impact and easy to do. You can use flippers to help you along if you aren’t a strong swimmer.


Tennis is a sport that you can play with friends in a team. Tennis is a good way to develop your muscles and challenge your endurance. It requires speed, strength and stamina. It is also a good way to relive stress smashing a ball at the other person you are playing with. Tennis, along with another fitness activity is a good way to get fit.


Basketball is a fun sport that can help you get fit. It is a good way to build up your endurance, develop concentration and build up muscle. If you play regularly during the week you should get a good pair of basketball shoes, which will reduce the chances of getting an injury like a sprained ankle.



Cycling is good for leg strength and aerobic

More exercises comming