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Types of Fitness

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There are 4 main types of fitness

Aerobic Endurance

Your aerobic endurance is your ability to exercise your whole body for a long period of time, at a moderate intensity like jogging. When you are first starting to train and you are not very active start off slowly. To increase your aerobic level you need to overload your body.

Anaerobic Threshold

When you reach the anaerobic zone your body can’t supply enough oxygen for your muscles. The muscles have to use stored reserves of fuel and waste products start to accumulate, the main one being lactic acid. The waste products that are accumulated can make your body stiff so it is important to stretch and drink plenty of water to get rid of the lactic acid.

Muscular Strength

Muscular strength is the capacity of your body’s muscle to generate large amounts of force in a short period of time. To increase your muscle strength you have to concentrate in the muscle you want to make stronger. You can use small weights or resistance bands to improve your strength. Always start off slowly and plan a rest day in between your weight training days.

Muscular Endurance

Muscular endurance is how long and well your muscles can keep generating force. Having good muscle endurance is crucial for every fitness activity. Like aerobic endurance you have to overload your muscles to increase their endurance.

Swimming is a good aerobic training exercise