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Exercise quick quide

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Workout Structure

1. Warm Up

  • Start your exercise slowly
  • Warm up by doing anything slow to get the blood moving around
  • Jogging lightly or on the spot is a good way to get your blood flowing
  • Your warm up should last for 5 – 10 mins
  • Stretch your muscles using dynamic stretches
  • After 5 – 10 min gradually increase your intensity until you are working as hard as you plan to


2. Workout/Exercise

  • Do the exercise that you planned
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat food if exercising for longer than an hour


3. Cool Down and Stretching

  • Cool down by reducing your intensity
  • When you have slowed completely down stretch for 5 – 10 mins
  • Use static stretches to stretch the main muscles you used
  • Don’t bounce when stretching
  • Stretch slowly and steadily
  • Hold the stretch for a long 20 secs or until you feel it is loose
  • Don’t push yourself into a painful stretch



4. Record heart rate

  • Do this the same amount of time after your main session every time
  • Use two fingers and place them on the palm side of your wrist or the side of your neck.
  • Do not use your thumb because it has its own pulse.
  • Count the beats for 15 seconds
  • Times that amount by 4 and record it down in your diary

When running remember to drink lots of water