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When riding on the road or paved paths it is important to have a good technique. The only way to get a technique that suits you is too ride frequently. Here are some tips when riding:
  • Maintain a high cadence of around 80 - 100rpm. Cadence is the number revolutions you do in a minute. Most beginners pedal in a gear that is too high. When Pedalling in a gear too high you will have to force the pedal downwards. Also, using a high gear will place extra strain on your knees and achilles. Using a lower gear will mean you have to pedal faster which is more effiecent and if you keep practising like this your legs will feel a lot better after long rides.
  • When pedalling push down and pull up if you have clipless pedals. Concentrate on this when you are first starting and it will become second nature eventually. It helps if you make a conscious, mental effort to keep your feet pedalling smoothly and regularly.
  • When riding, keeping your upper body motionless will help you ride smoothly and save energy.
  • When going up hills use a low gear and keep those legs spinning.
  • When you stand up for more than 10 seconds on your pedals you use more energy and will get tired quicker. Try to limit the time you stand up, especially when going up hills.
  • Always slow down before you reach corner and only use the breaks mid-corner if you have to. When braking and cornering at the same time your bike will want to straighten up so brake first.


Here are some good cycling sites and articals: