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Running Info continued

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Start Slowly, Build Gradually

Many beginning runners make the mistake of running too fast, too far. They overdo it, and get injured or quit. Run every other day when first starting, with a day of rest in between. Take six to eight weeks to build up to a 30-minute run. Train for endurance first and worry about speed later. Or never. You can achieve the same fitness and risk far fewer injuries if you forget speed and concentrate on form and fun. Most times, you're running too fast if you can't run and talk
Breathe and Relax

Resist becoming a grunt runner, one who takes it all too seriously and pounds out the miles without joy or pleasure. Be aware of your breath and play with it as you run. Scan your body for tension and learn to shake it out. Run for fun or, ultimately, your fitness will suffer.
Here are some good sites for running information and training programs.....